Connecting with Gen Z via Email

While most marketers think Gen Z only cares about social media and focus their marketing efforts there, Campaign Monitor’s study shows that Gen Zers remain active email users.

Research shows that 58% of Gen Z checks their email multiple times a day, despite most of them receiving fewer than 20 emails per day. Considering the estimated 121 emails per day older generations receive, this means there’s a lot less competition for attention in Gen Z’s inboxes! Gen Z also accounts for 40% of all consumers in the US and so adjusting your email strategy to appeal to this generation is critical.  

Here are three things you can do to connect with Gen Z via your email marketing. 

Showcase your values

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when building any type of marketing campaign for Gen Z is show them you’re on the same side – morally and politically. Don’t be afraid to speak on and contribute to social issues. If you want to impress Gen Z, you need to show that your values impact how you do business. You can do this in your email marketing campaigns by using inclusive language and imagery and emphasizing sustainable parts of your production process.

Positive Messaging 

For a long time, the most popular marketing tactic has been to prey on people’s insecurities. This style of marketing is not going to work on Gen Z. Instead, your emails should focus on lifting up this already stressed out generation. Emphasize how much you value Gen Z as customers. Show them how your products/services can help them reduce stress. Maintain a friendly, cheerful and authentic tone throughout your emails.

Personalisation and Preferences

Gen Z has grown up in the age of data collection and they expect brands to use this data to deliver exactly what they want into their inboxes. Using data to tailor content to fit their preferences will show your Gen Z consumers your brand views them as an individual and cares about what each one wants. Where possible, also use your subscriber’s name. You can use their name in the subject line, at the beginning of the email, and even in the body of your email. 

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